Goingerhof Kitzbühel

Project Overview

This Tirolean farmhouse burnt down at the end of 2007. Rebuilding it provided an opportunity to reorganize the building which originally consisted of a dwelling portion built partly in stone and an attached wooden barn. The original living quarters were only partially damaged, the barn, however, in which four vacation apartments had been added in the 1980´s, was entirely destroyed. This portion of the building was completely rebuilt and in so doing, was slightly enlarged to accommodate an additional apartment. Below the barn, a half- submerged basement level was added, in which a large swimming pool and fitness area were constructed.


Timeline:  2007 - 2009
Type: Multi-unit residential
Location: Kitzbühel, Austria
Architect: Rolf Seifert

The original dwelling was restored, as much as possible, to its original condition. An additional staircase was added between it and the apartments in order to provide a clear demarcation between the two. This made it possible to expose the exterior stone wall between residence and barn making it powerful connecting element within the house. This wall had originally been visible from the barn but after the apartments had been added was hidden. 

An additional new apartment spanning the entire length of the building was built within the attic. In order to take advantage of the spectacular views to the famous Kitzbuehel ski hill opposite, an opening was made into the roof in which a semi-enclosed roof-top terrace was inserted.  

After experimenting with the possibilities of altering red clay roofing tiles by adding a mineral surface, shingles with a matt grey surface were created. These convincingly replicate the original larch shakes which, in the 1970s, had been replaced with metal roofing.
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