House SE

Project Overview

The light and wooden upper storey of this house was prefabricated and lifted by crane onto the massive exterior walls of the lower storey, built from of the remains of a brick house dating from the forties. The concept for this house was developed around the two contrasting systems. The upper storey was deliberately rotated, forming a covered entry area, a roof terrace above the existing building and a two-storey central space where the two overlap.


Status:  Complete (2001)
Type: Residential
Location: Graz, Austria
Architect: Rolf Seifert

Clad in copper to give it lightness, the panels were treated like folded sheets of paper hooked into one another, allowing then to warp slightly giving the surface a deliberate irregularity.

In the lower area the split in level was converted into a set of stairs that are often used as seating. These stairs were continued out beyond the exterior walls and into the garden in order to unite inside and out. This dramatically alters the perception of the living area, diminishing boundaries and allowing exterior retaining walls to define extended interior spaces.  
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