House WMZ

Interior under construction

Project Overview

The concept for this wooden house grew from the restraints of the small site and the desire to create generous and varied spacial sequences. The roof is a continous folded sheet which unites the split levels below. The lowest portion of the roof coincides with the widest section of the plan and subtly defines a division between living room and entry zone.


Status:  Complete (2011)
Type: Residential
Location: Graz, Austria
Architect: Rolf Seifert

The house wraps itself around the small garden with swimming pool and gardening hut to the west, to which it opens itself entirely. The building is set close to the street, separated by a low concrete wall and compact garden of wild grass to the east.
The building is constructed entirely of prefabricated panels which, although simple in form, generate a series of rooms each with distinct and complex character.

Exterior (under construction)

The owner was committed to moving into the building by the beginning of 2011 but a building permit could not begin issued before the summer 2010. Additionally the client was concerned with green building issues. This led to an experimental construction system, involving prefabricated cross-laminated timber panels, designed to be built quickly and consisting of only renewable materials. Apart from the basement level, the building is constructed entirely of panel elements which were clad in wood fibre insulation, avoiding the use of concrete and plastic products.

This system is highly energy efficient. The windows are tripple glazed with the outer glass panel positioned to cover the frames. The green roof is designed to carry a layer of dense vegetation, and keep the building cool in summer.
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