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Project Overview

Located near lake Boden in southern Germany, this park consists of a large landscaped area for the exhibition of architectural scale models with a cinema, restaurant, exhibition building, offices, workshops, kiosks, small lake and watercourse, including even a model of the Niagara Falls.   


Status:  Complete (2004)
Type: Theme park
Location: Meckenbeuren, Germany
Architect: Rolf Seifert

Focus was placed on the presentation of the models, while the buildings themselves were designed to harmonize with the landscaping. The project was complex, involving the layout design of the park as well as the design of the individual buildings.

Movement through the park was orchestrated, guiding visitors along a main walkway and secondary paths. A large rain water rentention pond and hill were created to separate the park from the main roadway and at the same time to provide a promontory from which the visitor gains an overview of the park. The path later meanders providing changing views and alternating backdrops. 

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